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Pegasus is a busy place to be

Guest post from Jenny Lake, Business Development Manager at Pegasus

We have enjoyed a very busy summer season here at Pegasus this year. We’ve built a really strong reputation as a great venue for loads of different events and I’m excited to see how quickly Pegasus has grown in popularity. It makes my job so rewarding to see such a range of people out enjoying the wonderful facilities we have on offer here.


Triathlons and multisport races are common on the event calendar, with races for all ages and levels. Recent events have varied from primary school children taking part in their first triathlon, through to elite athletes racing in the Contact Tri Series and House of Travel Triathlon races. Pegasus has fast tracks on offer – smooth roads for cycling, hard running trails alongside the lake and the flat waters of Lake Pegasus. I’ve been told on many occasions, competitors love coming here to race.

Image Image

Lake Pegasus has hosted a wide range of sporting groups this summer – waterpolo, paddleboarding, surf lifesaving, sailing, open water swimming course, sailing and waka ama to name a few. It really is the perfect location for competitions and fun days for everyone to enjoy.

Back in February we had the More FM Summer Vineyard Tour visit Pegasus, featuring headline acts John Butler Trio and Aloe Blacc, with support from NZ artists Annabel Fay and Tiki Taane. The concert was held on a Friday evening, and despite the wet weather an estimated 3,500 crowd turned out to enjoy the music. This was the first time a large concert had been held at Pegasus – but I hope it’s the first of many.


As well as these large scale events, our team at the Golf Course specialise in all sorts of other events – weddings, conferences, quiz nights, staff parties and family celebrations. We were lucky enough to receive some beautiful photos from Rochelle and Joe’s recent wedding. They tied the knot on one of the sandy beaches of Lake Pegasus. They found plenty of beautiful locations for photos after their ceremony – thank you for sharing them with us and congratulations to the happy couple. Photo: Kim Hamblin Photography


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A huge turn out for the first Northern Outlook Pegasus Fun Run

Guest post by Jenny Lake, Pegasus Events and Business Development Manager

We held our first fun run at Pegasus last Sunday – and wow, it was a huge success! The Northern Outlook Pegasus Fun Run was an excellent event to be involved with and it looks as though it is set to become an annual fixture on the North Canterbury sporting calendar. There was a wonderful buzz around the town and I’ve had so much positive feedback from both visitors and residents at Pegasus.

Northern Outlook Pegasus Fun Run


It was an amazing hot day after the heavy rain earlier in the weekend, so we were very fortunate with the weather and people turned out in their droves. The sunny weather saw 800 additional people enter on the day for the 2.5km, 5km and 10km events, bringing the total number of entrants to 2300. We had an array of entertainment for those not taking part in the races, as you’ll see in these fantastic photos. We estimate that there were around 4000 people out at Pegasus on the day.


The music was great, the bungy was a success as was the face painting, the bouncy castle and the skate skool. The DJ did an outstanding job and the photos and video we have captured from throughout the day are sensational. The food and beverage stands were kept busy most of the day and the corporate groups I spoke with were very happy with their sites.


The children loved the dance competition and having two players from the Tactix on stage dancing with a wee girl that had won a prize was a highlight.


The event raised at least $12,000 to go towards the post-quake recovery of sport in Canterbury. Event organiser and Sport Canterbury business manager Jonny Kirkpatrick is thrilled with the funds raised, which will be used broadly, for anything from repairs and equipment to helping with booking facilities and financial assistance.


To view more photos of this event, visit our Flickr page, or view the fantastic video footage on Youtube here.

This was the perfect event to kick off our summer season here at Pegasus, and I look forward to sharing more post-event reports with you in the coming months!


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Indicators of a successful school – thoughts from the Principal of Waikuku/Pegasus School

Guest post by Roger Hornblow, Principal of Waikuku/Pegasus School

I have been at Waikuku School for three years now and getting this job was like winning Lotto. I love rural schools, turning schools around and building community, the challenges of a growing roll, and designing and building a new school. Being principal of Waikuku School and then Pegasus School is all this… and more.

The Ministry of Education approached the Board of Trustees back in 2006 about the new school at Pegasus. Since then we have had recessions, a change in government and the odd earthquake or two. Please check the Waikuku School website for timeline updates for Pegasus School, or I am more than happy to answer any questions about this.

When moving into Pegasus you are zoned for Waikuku School. The school bus leaves the Harcourts’ Pegasus office at 8.45am and drops children back there after school. We currently have 31 Pegasus children on the school bus.

Parents often ask me about the decile rating of the School. We are a 7 and increasing. But the decile rating says nothing at all about the quality of any school. The decile rating is just a socio-economic indicator for the area based on the latest Census using abstract data such as household crowding, occupations and income.

ERO reviews are another indicator parents can use and our review is on the Waikuku School website. ERO reviews are useful and give an independent view. But for me the best indicator is not a review or a number or even a flash website. The best indicator is the people who are living and breathing school life every day. The best indicator is the happy children and the happy parents. Ask our parents about our community feel, our programme for four year olds, our Funday Friday, our welcoming parents into our classrooms, our focus on learning but also on fun, but most of all ask our children if they like our school and their teacher. Happy engaged children, happy inspired staff and happy parents who are always welcome and valued – they are the indicators of a successful school. Visit us and be impressed.

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Revealing more facts about Pegasus

Guest post by Abbie Barnes, Infinity Investment Group

A few more rumours and questions about Pegasus have come to my attention over the past couple of weeks. Of course with the current situation in Christchurch, the property market has become a highly talked about topic throughout the region. Sales enquiries at Pegasus have increased dramatically as a result, and so I feel it’s timely to discuss a few more of the misconceptions about Pegasus.

1. Pegasus is not a ‘gated community’.
By definition, a gated community is ‘any residential area which physically restricts the entrance of non-residents’. In most cases these exclusive community areas are controlled by either a gate or a doorman. We can assure you that Pegasus has neither. In fact, all of the facilities at Pegasus were developed with both residents and visitors in mind. The abundance of visitors we had to the lake last summer proved that Pegasus is as much a destination as it is a home.

2. You can engage any builder of your choice to build your home at Pegasus.
We understand that choosing who to entrust with building your new home can be a huge and daunting decision. It is important that you engage a company that you can rely on to meet your personal needs entirely. We allow you this freedom of choice.

3. There’s no problem with hanging out your washing in the sun, just keep it out the back!
At Pegasus we don’t really like the thought of our residents living behind high walls and fences. We’d prefer to be the type of town where you know your neighbours, and the kids play cricket on the front lawn, while you enjoy summer evening barbeques on the porch. Keeping an open community is really important, however I think you’ll agree there is a limit to this openness. Hanging your underwear out in public isn’t ideal – that’s why we ask that you have your washing line in the back yard instead.


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Separating fact from fiction at Pegasus

By guest blogger, Abbie Barnes, Infinity Investment Group

From time to time we hear some fairly interesting rumours circulating in regard to the covenants in place at Pegasus.

Many of these are pretty ridiculous but I’d like to take the opportunity to dispel any untruths and set the record straight. The last thing we want is for people considering a move to Pegasus to base their decisions on inaccurate facts. What better place to do this than in the open forum of this blog?

1. You’re not allowed dogs at Pegasus, right?
I’m a dog lover with two large dogs who truly believes that dogs can be ‘man’s best friend’. I also understand that a lot of people find big dogs quite scary, particularly around young kids. At Pegasus we thought it would be a sensible approach to prohibit a few of the breeds considered to be ‘aggressive’ by many authorities. Breeds such as the pit bull terrier, Japanese tosa, dogo argentine and fila brasileiro are the main dogs on that list. The rest are absolutely fine unless they’re a known aggressive breed. Creating a safe and friendly community has always been our number one goal.

 2. Apparently you can’t have barbeques at Pegasus, surely not?
Seriously? What a ridiculous rumour that is! Summer barbeques are a big part of what makes us Kiwi. New Zealand males are taught to turn a sausage on the barbie almost before they can walk. And who are we to stand in the way of the ladies and their tossed lettuce salads? While open fires are not permitted at Pegasus (and most other towns throughout the country) barbeques are definitely okay. In fact, we encourage you to embrace this good old, sausage fuelled neighbourhood gathering. Bring on Summer!

We obviously don’t like to hear these untrue facts; however we do love that in most cases it’s our frustrated residents letting us know about these rumours they’ve heard. They already have all the information they need about the covenants, and they choose to live here. Our residents are clearly passionate about Pegasus. They want the chance to defend their home and show others that Pegasus is growing into a wonderful community.

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No damage at Pegasus from recent Christchurch earthquakes

By guest blogger, Hetty Van Hale, Infinity Investment Group

I can’t imagine what it must be like to be enduring earthquake after earthquake in Christchurch right now. All I can say is that I think Cantabrians must be made of very stern stuff indeed and that a huge dose of pioneering stoicism from the past is clearly alive and well.

The stories we are hearing of the amazing community spirit in Christchurch make me want to cry with joy at the generosity of the human spirit in times of need. My heart goes out to all my friends and indeed anyone who is living through this hell.

While our friends in Christchurch are suffering, it gives me cold comfort to report that at Pegasus there has been no infrastructure damage from the recent 5.5 and 6.3 earthquakes on Monday 13th June, in spite of them being strongly felt in the town.

All land, buildings, infrastructure and services including power, water supply, gas, telecomms and storm water are undamaged and operating as normal. All businesses including the golf course, Bunker Cafe, General Store and Flat White Cafe are open seven days.

Kia kaha Christchurch! Like the phoenix, you will rise again together. Stay strong.

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