The year in retrospect – Pegasus resident reflects on 2011

Guest post by Alison Dormaar, Pegasus resident and author

There is something manic in the air at the moment. No, I do not mean the looming General Election. Most of us regard that as a passing duty, an obligatory chore that must be performed every three years as we endure once again the merry go around of “VOTE FOR ME” antics by those mad or idealistic enough who fancy themselves as our leaders for the next three years. No, I am referring to the Silly Season, known fondly to one and all as Christmas.

Christmas has taken on a somewhat poignant if not desperate feel this year. After mine cave-ins, quakes, economic turmoil, snowstorms, volcanic ash clouds and all manner of other nasties, there is a real mood that we all just want to run away and enjoy ourselves. We are now faced with the most fattening time of the year – you could easily replace the words from the title of the well known Christmas song ‘It’s the Most Wonderful Time of The Year’ with these! But excess pounds and calories aside, many of us feel like a further outbreak of self indulgence – and let’s face it, after the last twelve months, why not? Compared to chocolate liqueurs, baked ham and roast turkey, carrot sticks and lettuce leaves somehow don’t have that feel good factor, do they?

2011 has been one of those remarkable landmark years in my books. We have certainly had our fair share of assorted disasters, but overseas we have seen massive change as well, and not all of it bad. We have seen the long awaited downfall of the likes of Bin Laden and Gaddafi, and the global rise of a sense of outrage against this style of tyranny that should have died out in the Dark Ages. We have also seen voices raised in anger against a world economic system run mad, and although it will be a long and painful process, the winds of change are here to stay. I for one do not fully believe the doomsayer reports about 2012 (the Mayan Calendar, Nostradamus etc), but I do believe that 2012 will certainly be another landmark year of significant economic and social challenge as well as change, and that this is what the ancients may well have meant by their predictions instead of the Hollywood style fire and brimstone scenarios we have been led to believe in.

So, to all my many readers out there and to all the many other potential readers out there – go ahead! Love your families, pet your pooches, cuddle your cats and fraternize with your friends – years such as 2011 serve to remind us all of the positives as well as negatives in our lives. Break open the wine and a big box of your favourite chocs and lose yourself in the happy, tinseled world of frantic Christmastime shopping malls, because you certainly deserve it, and 2012 is not shaping up to be any easier.

The views, opinions or positions expressed by the authors and those providing comments are theirs alone, and do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions or position of Pegasus Town Ltd.

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