Indicators of a successful school – thoughts from the Principal of Waikuku/Pegasus School

Guest post by Roger Hornblow, Principal of Waikuku/Pegasus School

I have been at Waikuku School for three years now and getting this job was like winning Lotto. I love rural schools, turning schools around and building community, the challenges of a growing roll, and designing and building a new school. Being principal of Waikuku School and then Pegasus School is all this… and more.

The Ministry of Education approached the Board of Trustees back in 2006 about the new school at Pegasus. Since then we have had recessions, a change in government and the odd earthquake or two. Please check the Waikuku School website for timeline updates for Pegasus School, or I am more than happy to answer any questions about this.

When moving into Pegasus you are zoned for Waikuku School. The school bus leaves the Harcourts’ Pegasus office at 8.45am and drops children back there after school. We currently have 31 Pegasus children on the school bus.

Parents often ask me about the decile rating of the School. We are a 7 and increasing. But the decile rating says nothing at all about the quality of any school. The decile rating is just a socio-economic indicator for the area based on the latest Census using abstract data such as household crowding, occupations and income.

ERO reviews are another indicator parents can use and our review is on the Waikuku School website. ERO reviews are useful and give an independent view. But for me the best indicator is not a review or a number or even a flash website. The best indicator is the people who are living and breathing school life every day. The best indicator is the happy children and the happy parents. Ask our parents about our community feel, our programme for four year olds, our Funday Friday, our welcoming parents into our classrooms, our focus on learning but also on fun, but most of all ask our children if they like our school and their teacher. Happy engaged children, happy inspired staff and happy parents who are always welcome and valued – they are the indicators of a successful school. Visit us and be impressed.

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