Revealing more facts about Pegasus

Guest post by Abbie Barnes, Infinity Investment Group

A few more rumours and questions about Pegasus have come to my attention over the past couple of weeks. Of course with the current situation in Christchurch, the property market has become a highly talked about topic throughout the region. Sales enquiries at Pegasus have increased dramatically as a result, and so I feel it’s timely to discuss a few more of the misconceptions about Pegasus.

1. Pegasus is not a ‘gated community’.
By definition, a gated community is ‘any residential area which physically restricts the entrance of non-residents’. In most cases these exclusive community areas are controlled by either a gate or a doorman. We can assure you that Pegasus has neither. In fact, all of the facilities at Pegasus were developed with both residents and visitors in mind. The abundance of visitors we had to the lake last summer proved that Pegasus is as much a destination as it is a home.

2. You can engage any builder of your choice to build your home at Pegasus.
We understand that choosing who to entrust with building your new home can be a huge and daunting decision. It is important that you engage a company that you can rely on to meet your personal needs entirely. We allow you this freedom of choice.

3. There’s no problem with hanging out your washing in the sun, just keep it out the back!
At Pegasus we don’t really like the thought of our residents living behind high walls and fences. We’d prefer to be the type of town where you know your neighbours, and the kids play cricket on the front lawn, while you enjoy summer evening barbeques on the porch. Keeping an open community is really important, however I think you’ll agree there is a limit to this openness. Hanging your underwear out in public isn’t ideal – that’s why we ask that you have your washing line in the back yard instead.


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