Drive for dough and putt for more dough

Guest post by Craig Mitchell, Head Golf Professional at Pegasus Golf & Sports Club 

There is an old saying in golf that you drive for show and putt for dough, but in my opinion you drive for dough and putt for more dough.
Let me expand on that – if you can drive the ball in the fairway more often at any level, you are in the game, you feel great, you feel confident and all feels well with the world.

To help you with your driving, just follow the tips below:

1. Tee the ball at least 50% above the top of the club

2. Play the ball forward in your stance (inside your front foot)

3. For the right handed golfer tilt your spine a little to the right (your front shoulder should feel high)

4. At address have your hands even with the ball (not in front)

5. Try and sweep the club into the back of the ball (avoid chopping down on the ball)

 As a Golf Pro for longer than I care to remember I know these tips work.  Everyone I have coached over the years has improved their golf and even remember these simple tips after many years.

Craig Mitchell (NZPGA Golf Professional)


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