There’s No Business like Snow Business!

Guest post by Alison Dormaar, Pegasus resident and author

Well, here we are at the end of a rather eventful week, the likes of which we have not seen for over fifteen years. I think most adult people would remember the huge blizzard back in 1992 when Christchurch was buried in snowdrifts that in some places were a couple of feet deep, and we all thought back then that was a lifetime event – but the events of the past week have sure proved us wrong. No, we did not have feet deep snow here in Pegasus, or, I believe, in the wider Canterbury region, but I think we all agree that it was thick enough!

Apart from the bitter cold and the black ice and the general inconvenience such weather brings, there is nonetheless still something remarkably stimulating about snow. I suppose for many people who were born in more extreme climates in the Northern Hemisphere they find the Kiwi attitude to snow rather laughable, but on Monday morning as I watched the seemingly never ending drifts of thick snow waft past my windows, I felt a childish quiver of excitement. I could just imagine all the thousands of children out there, primed with sleds and snowballs and excited family dogs, champing at the bit to out and about in it all – and what’s more, being able to do so “legally” as it was school holidays! And I could well imagine all the adults out there, no doubt feeling a roguish quiver of excitement mingled with guilt as well, as most of them faced an enforced holiday from the daily grind. “Sorry, snowed in, can’t get to work” – let’s face it, how often do we have such a wonderfully plausible excuse such as that? One could call it “the icing on the quake”, so to speak – I’ve heard a couple of people use that oh-so apt expression now.

I spent much of Monday revising a couple of chapters I’d written for my current book. Watching the howling snowdrifts outside, I confess it was hard to train my mind to concentrate on the task at hand, namely transcribing a conversation with talking sharks. I had just waded my way through a very time consuming chapter concerning a hideous sea witch who has a distinct problem with bad breath, but somehow the sharks presented more of a problem. How does a shark hold a conversation? Well, I think I may have got the formula right, and for all of you who want to know more on this toothy subject, I’ll post an excerpt on my Facebook fan page!

But as I write this, the sun is shining outside, the temperature is in double digits and apart from the glorious white cap on the mountains so visible from wherever one is in Pegasus, you would not think we’ve just had a rare weather event howl through here. Bizarre – almost as bizarre as talking sharks and hideous sea witches…well, almost!

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