Sharing a true passion for food

Guest post by Ben Carpenter, Executive Chef at The Bunker Bar, Pegasus Golf & Sports Club

Well, where do I start? Oh, did I tell you that yes I am back on a motorcycle after having a forced break? Yes, this chef likes riding bikes – sometimes at speed that is not conducive to a happy relationship with Mr. Plod. Well I have now chosen a more refined motorbike which still provides me with loads of riding fun, but is not so attractive for Mr. Plod!

Hark! I hear you say, what type of bike is it? A wonderful, stylish, well crafted Triumph Thruxton café racer. It’s just ideal for a jaunt over the Lewis Pass, very sweet for my daily commute to Pegasus from Christchurch. Hey does that make me a biker? I think so!

Sorry I do digress, was I not supposed to be discussing in depth the life, soul and feel for food that as a chef of 30 years I possess? Yes I did say 30 years. It must be time to retire, or even better take off in the sun on my Triumph to the land of open roads, sun and free riding… Wow that was a bit too cosmic!

Back to the job at hand… Here at Pegasus we are responsible for the day to day running of two cafés, The Bunker Bar at the golf course and the Flat White Café in the township. Life is good; we have a very good team in both operations and customer numbers are on the rise.

It is winter and this has required changing the menu. I like to follow the seasons and use what is available at the time. Winter is interesting as the focus tends to be on root vegetables (ie parsnip, kumara and pumpkin etc.), pulses, rice and more carbs. It can be a little tricky to create something new, but yet again we have managed to succeed.

Dishes such as Crispy Duck Breast Salad with a pistachio nut and cranberry vinaigrette, Fish Pie filled with local seafood and served with a twist, or the old classic but goodie Fillet Steak Sandwich with red onion relish. Tempted? Well just cruise into Pegasus – on your bike if you have one – if not I suppose a car will suffice, and enter into the Pegasus food experience!

Ok I have to sign off now, food to cook, people to please and a passion for cooking that is never quelled.

Bon appétit,


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