Separating fact from fiction at Pegasus

By guest blogger, Abbie Barnes, Infinity Investment Group

From time to time we hear some fairly interesting rumours circulating in regard to the covenants in place at Pegasus.

Many of these are pretty ridiculous but I’d like to take the opportunity to dispel any untruths and set the record straight. The last thing we want is for people considering a move to Pegasus to base their decisions on inaccurate facts. What better place to do this than in the open forum of this blog?

1. You’re not allowed dogs at Pegasus, right?
I’m a dog lover with two large dogs who truly believes that dogs can be ‘man’s best friend’. I also understand that a lot of people find big dogs quite scary, particularly around young kids. At Pegasus we thought it would be a sensible approach to prohibit a few of the breeds considered to be ‘aggressive’ by many authorities. Breeds such as the pit bull terrier, Japanese tosa, dogo argentine and fila brasileiro are the main dogs on that list. The rest are absolutely fine unless they’re a known aggressive breed. Creating a safe and friendly community has always been our number one goal.

 2. Apparently you can’t have barbeques at Pegasus, surely not?
Seriously? What a ridiculous rumour that is! Summer barbeques are a big part of what makes us Kiwi. New Zealand males are taught to turn a sausage on the barbie almost before they can walk. And who are we to stand in the way of the ladies and their tossed lettuce salads? While open fires are not permitted at Pegasus (and most other towns throughout the country) barbeques are definitely okay. In fact, we encourage you to embrace this good old, sausage fuelled neighbourhood gathering. Bring on Summer!

We obviously don’t like to hear these untrue facts; however we do love that in most cases it’s our frustrated residents letting us know about these rumours they’ve heard. They already have all the information they need about the covenants, and they choose to live here. Our residents are clearly passionate about Pegasus. They want the chance to defend their home and show others that Pegasus is growing into a wonderful community.

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